The most difficult step when planning a renovation seems to be the one of finding a partner you can fully trust.

  • Will they offer me quality services and still fit my budget and deadlines?
  • Will they be able to offer solutions to make my renovations more efficient time and moneywise?
  • Will they assist me in making the right choices for materials?
  • Will they show up in time and finish everything as expected?
  • Will they offer me a warrantee for their work?
    At Globus Renovations, we always say YES! We understand your needs and we want to prove that once you’ve made the right choice in selecting us as your partner, all renovation process becomes a bit easier.

    Take your time before deciding your partner on renovations. Globus Renovations will be proud to be your partner and will do its best to make you happy with your decision.


Globus Renovations is determined to offer quality services in home renovations, at competitive prices, to homeowners or companies of all sizes. With more than 10 years experience, our company has already created it's own procedures for efficiency, and proved it could be a reliable partner for all types of clients.
We have developed constantly and our main concerns are our clients’ satisfaction and improving our services more and more each day. The main area where Globus Renovations is active is represented by Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge and surroundings, but we’re planning to develop our business and expand more in the future.
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